Well, the Express store has decided to try their hand at providing a store card of their very own. It is really nice to see such a longstanding store having such competitive clothing as well as now having their card offering in the market as well. The EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card is just a piece of plastic though that is better used if you are going to also add the rewards program to it (which is optional for some reason). We aren't sure why they would make the rewards piece optional as if that's not what people are signing up for anyway. They give you perhaps fewer points though than some other stores who have cards as well. It seems as though perhaps the EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card is still in the early stages of trying to catch on or something.

At any rate it is still a great thing that they are willing to offer the EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card at all. They even offer you a few points for things like, signing up, adding them on your twitter account, providing your twitter account to the store and even you can get points for re-tweeting the store tweets. The points for those social media things are very small though and have limits on how many times these things are done per month. It's weird yet cool that they would even offer points for those types of things. To imagine how they must keep up with who is re-tweeting them and all of that type of thing is an interesting process as well.


With the points offerings being few and small in number, perhaps they are just riding on the fact that they do actually offer some really great merchandise. It would be much nicer though if they were able to expand their EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card and rewards program to offer much more as it relates to points or to at least make it a little more desirable to want to re-tweet them to say the least.

At the end of the day, Express does have some great quality clothing so you can't really take that away from them. They also have some pretty great prices as well. We suppose that if they were to really offer so much more as in larger point values and promotions they would be practically in the business of just giving away all of their clothes and going bankrupt in the process. Perhaps this is why they are very modest in the offerings made with their EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card. Is it really true that less is more when it comes to the EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card? We'll let you be the judge, take a look at everything from their APR and point offerings that they have on their application process and see what you think about their offering. The EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card is a nice add-on for those that would only like to add just a little more to their shopping experience with Express.